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Chambers American Products, Inc. has been manufacturing and selling the CAP mowers since 1998.  It has always been my goal to build the most cost effective mowers available.  Our product volume is small but we remember and appreciate all customers who gave us the opportunity to provide mowers for their needs.

Over the years we have made many improvements to our products.  If any customer is having issues with our product I become personally involved to make any reasonable resolution. I have found listening to our customer's critique is the best way to build mowers that can endure many years of use. Whenever an improvement is being developed the updated component must be able to be retrofitted to older mowers.

For years, like our competition, we have used farm tractors for the primary carrying vehicle for these mowers.   Farm tractors were made for farm use and did very well there.  Whenever these tractors have a mid-mounted roadside mower, especially a boom mower, installed they were a compromise.  These mowers put a tremendous amount of structural stress on these tractors.  The mower mounting frame had to be adapted to attach to the available mounting points on the tractor.  Some of these tractors did not really have suitable mounting points, but we made adaptations to be able to use them.  We have seen many structural issues on the tractors and mowers because of this limitation.   Like my competitors, we used these because they were the best mounting vehicle available.  When the new Tier 4 tractors became the only available new mounting vehicles, we were forced to look at alternatives or simply quit mounting onto tractors.  The emission control equipment required the best position on the tractor, which is also where we desired to mount our mowers.

We have been designing, manufacturing, and selling roadside mowers since 1998 and have been mounting onto a variety of tractor brands and models.  We have learned what features make for a good mounting tractor such as good visibility, good structural strength, strong attaching points, and all wheel hydrostatic drive.  We design and manufacture all our mower-fabricated components so that we can manufacture most types of equipment.

In early 2015, we had the opportunity to mount our boom mower onto an integrated tool carrier.  We knew this would be our future.  We can build excellent mowers, so we knew we could also design and manufacture an integrated tool carrier.  We started the design in November 2015 and began to order the special commercial items such as axles, engines and hydraulics.  We made the prototype and finished all the safety testing in early December.  It was then ready for production.  We already have a year supply of hard-to-get components such as axles and special items.

The Savage Mower has special features, including a front mounting hitch with a hydraulic power point for mounting tools like a rotary mower, flail mower, broom, snow blower, snow blade or mulching head.  There is also provision to develop it into a triple flail.

One special feature of the Savage is a selection for road speed, which is 0 to 23 mph, as well as a work speed of 0 to 6 mph.  We have known for years that the most common cause of structural issues on the tractors or mowers is the units being operated at excessive speeds. However, we could not control how fast operators run the equipment.  We made a feature that the mowers could only be turned on while in work speed.  Because of this feature, we can offer a two-year limited warranty on the integrated tool carrier and the mower.  The manufacturer of the hydrostat pump and drive motor is also going to offer a limited five-year warranty when special provisions are met.

The Savage Mower is easy to operate.  When operated in road speed it drives like an automobile with a constant velocity transmission.  Just press the accelerator pedal and the controller works with the engine ECM to make it easy.  When in work speed, it then works like a farm tractor with a hydraulic forward reverser.

There are videos attached.  If you want further information, please give me a call.

Welcome to the future.

Roger D. Chambers

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