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Technical Specifications for Tool Carrier

This integrated tool carrier is to replace the typical farm tractors when used as a combined unit for roadside maintenance mowing.

  • Weight with no attachments:  12,070 pounds

  • Max height:  110 inches

  • Max width:  100 inches in boom mower configuration and 88 inches for side mower

  • Max length:  200 inches with no attachments

  • Ground clearance:  lowest point is 18 inches

  • Max gross weight with attachments:  21,000 pounds

  • Operating speed: 0 to 25 mph in road speed selection and 0 to 6 mph in work

  • Mainframe: Rigid frame with ¾ inch steel plates 42 inches wide and 172 inches long with 1 inch cross members for attaching counter weight and side mounted cutters.  A protected 48 gallon fuel tank is embedded in the frame.

  • Engine:  Ford V10 Gasoline Rated 220HP derated to 150HP & max RPM 2600. Torque at 325 ft-lbs at all operating RPMs

  • Engine monitoring:  Console mounted electronic screen display for engine rpm, engine coolant temperature, voltage, oil pressure, fuel quantity, groundspeed, rear axle centering sensor, and cutter hydraulic pressure and joystick functions.

  • Axles:  Two Comer 238 steerable drive axles each rated 22,480 pounds dynamic foot pounds.  Front axle is rigid mounted and rear is pivoted. An operator joystick stabilizes hydraulic cylinders on each side of rear axle.

  • Tires:  400/80R24HCM radial mounted on 13 x 24 special offset wheels with 5/8 inch thick steel centers

  • Steering:  Front, both and crab operator selectable with rear axle centering sensors.

  • Hydraulic Tank:  Baffled 78 gallon 7 gauge steel tank with a 30 hp oil cooler, sight gauge for temperature and quantity and two 10 micron canister type filters.

  • Hydraulic Drive:  Linde HPV hydrostatic system

  • Cutter Drive Pumps:  Two stage 35 gpm at 3000 psi open center cast iron gear type 

  • Cutter Manifold: Two electronic on/off with blade braking and with operator console pressure monitoring

  • Attachment controls:  Six function electronic joystick for side mounted cutter and push button for front hitch attachments.

  • Cab:  Insulated operator cab protected under ROPS with heating and air conditioning and independent fresh air fans. Spring cushioned operator seat that can swivel 20 degrees left and right. The seat has adjustable arm rests. Right side window is 3/8 inch thick bronze tinted abrasion resistant polycarbonate.  The left entrance door is made of ¼ inch thick bronze tinted abrasion resistant polycarbonate.  The windshield, rear window, and left rear quarter window are made of ¼ inch thick auto safety glass.  There is a two speed windshield wiper.  There is an AM/FM stereo receiver with DVD player, blue tooth, GPS and back monitor.

  • Lighting:  Two 45 watt LED forward work lights and one 45 watt LED rear work light, 28 inch LED flashing amber light bars on front and rear of cab, LED stop and turn signals.

  • Front Attachment Hitch:  Skid steer type quick hitch rated 5,400 pounds and has 21 inches of travel.  It has a 35 gpm at 3000 psi power point.  It has connections for a left and right control cylinder.

  • ROPS was certified to ISO 3471:2008 (E) in March 2016.

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